Top 5 Highlights of the Maya Period Panty

Top 5 Highlights of the Maya Period Panty

Full Coverage

The protection goes to the waistline protecting you from unwanted leaks. This gives peace of mind so you aren't worried about any unfortunate leaks. This feature is great for nighttime to keep your sheets flow free. 


The lining of the panty is super soft which is exactly what you would want after giving birth. 

Smooth Seams

The smooth seams keep panty lines to a minimum. 

Heavy Flow

The Maya Period Panty can hold up to 4 tampons worth of flow. They can be worn up to 8 hours. We've tried them on our heaviest days and on our lightest days and they're great for both. 

Lace Band

The lace band is really forgiving and does not press into your skin like other waistbands. Sometimes we need a little extra give during our cycles. 


We are certain that you'll love the features our Maya Period Panty. Remember with each period panty purchase, we give a feminine hygiene kit and education to our sisters who lack access to both. 

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